TOW Arrived in The Palm Tree Region: Caribbean & South America 2011 ...

We continue to believe that TOW is for those leaders who have come to a place of spiritual discontentment where they refuse to accept that it is business as usual, education as usual government as usual and church as usual. It is a place where their entire beings long for change – the type of transformational change that is aimed at returning the focus to God and to the rebuilding of His Kingdom here on earth through the major sectors of society: business, education, government and church.

Dr Dale Dan

Dr. Dale Dan

TOW Journey

During her high school days, one such leader, Dr. Dale Dan, was horrified by the exponential economic variation that was escalating rapidly resulting in the extinction of the middle class.  She longed to reclaim her people for God and to find a way where everyone felt they had some level of ownership in life and community. She gave her life to this calling without a clue of what it would have taken to make this happen. It involved her leaving her small country of Guyana with travels throughout USA, Spain, The Caribbean and South America in order to be prepared to return to her region with the message of TOW: Theology of Work

St. Rose's High School - Georgetown, Guyana
St. Rose's High School - Georgetown, Guyana

The Rubber-band ball bounced into Sunday where many Christians enjoyed the TOW Message …

Leaders from all sectors of society gathered to listen to TOW through seminars attended by members of many denominations including: The Assemblies of God, Full Gospel Fellowship, Salvation Army, New Testament, Brethren, Catholic, Wesleyan, Baptist, and Nazarene.


Due to the impact of the TOW Seminars – leaders desired to further their studies in the area of Transformational leadership through Bakke Graduate University (BGU).
So far about 33 have graduated: Masters of Business Administration (MBA): 12;  
Masters of Arts in Global Urban Leadership (MAGUL): 1;
Doctor of Transformational Leadership (DTL): 17 and
Masters of Arts in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship (MASCE): 3.
About 53 currently in classes: MBA: 6; MAGUL: 2; DTL: 36 and MASCE: 9.
Some 12 are scheduled to start January, 2017: MBA: 3; DTL: 6 and MASCE: 3.

The Rubber-band ball bounced from Sunday to … The other 6 Days

Listen to the Welcome Message for the JAW Certificate Program

Daring to go from the Sacred to the Secular through … The JAW (Joy at Work) Certificate Course developed for the secular organization!

It was first hosted by Telepeformance Guyana: Teleperformance GuyanaTeleperformance is the world’s largest Telecommunications Company residing in 75 countries speaking 62 languages.

National Library of GuyanaJAW is now hosted by the National Library of Guyana as well: Attended by all its leaders from the 7 regional branches. JAW has become a core part of these organizations that have clearly seen the impact in retention as a result. Since then, seven other secular organizations have requested JAW with more to come.

This leader’s goal was to utilize TOW as an equalizing tool where all levels of entrepreneurs – from business tycoons to the street peddlers would find the same fulfilling purpose through a marriage of God and Work – the real million dollar outcome of any business journey.

JAW (Joy at Work) Certificate - Teleperformance-Guyana is an 8-week (4 module training) online program seeks to give each participant the requisite information and skills to understand who they are, their role in the workplace and their responsibility to each other.
 If after reviewing the JAW Syllabus, you would like to visit our JAW classroom, please contact Ms. Carolann Somers at or Thank you.
Both TOW (Sacred Community) & JAW (Secular Community) produced Transformational Results
TOW Seminar in Guyana

TOW has resulted in persons from many denominations coming together toward the purpose of transformation in Guyana and other countries in the region. Through JAW, we have seen the coming together of many cultures and religions – the JAW Certificate material cuts across the boundaries that tend to divide workforces with diverse backgrounds.

Joy at Work Seminar in Guyana
Dr Gwen Dewey

Seminars were offered to over 1,400 leaders throughout Guyana, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad and Suriname. Dr. Gwen Dewey was one of the main facilitators.

JAW produces Happy Employees & High Retention
Teleperformance employee

There is clear evidence that JAW has resulted in Teleperformance-Guyana achieving and maintaining the world’s record attrition rate of 1.2% and 0% at the leadership level.

JAW Certificate Teleperformance
Birthing of JAW focused University

The amazing story of Kaieteur Falls University (KFU)a global university was birthed to reach all levels of the community through a JAW approach with degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. KFU is proud to partner with BGU (Bakke Graduate University) where it will highly promote BGU’s degrees and certificates while complementing these with those areas of studies not currently offered by BGU.

Meet other Leaders throughout the region who attended the TOW Seminars and who also joined Bakke Graduate University reached into their communities in a variety of ways:

Toshia McDonald

Ms. Toshia McDonald utilizes TOW as a new Executive for a multibillion dollar company located in Guyana. She is serving the Church in the City as she sees lives at all levels transformed during the other six days.

Carmeta Miller

Ms. Carmeta Miller is making her mark in Exuma, The Bahamas as she utilizes her TOW in the formation of workplace training centers throughout the island.

Cecily Bernard

Ms. Cecily Bernard, BGU-Guyana Leader for 5 years continues to integrate her TOW into her mission of language without barriers throughout the South American region through her ability to fluently speak all of its languages.

Dr. John Keane has gained much recognition for his book, “I promise” and TOW journey throughout Jamaica. His work is accepted by the Chief Justice and many other prominent groups.

Keran Dames

Pastor Keran Dames is continuing her father’s 50 years legacy as church builder as she integrates TOW into her daily plans for church growth and youth development in Freeport. The Bahamas.

Celicia Paruag

Ms. Celicia Paruag utilizes TOW as a new Executive for a multibillion company located in Guyana. Her focus is strongly on Joy at Work and its impact on all levels of the organization.

With 35 years of focus on Office Administration – Ms. Carolann Somers wrapped TOW around and delivered a seminar to Office Assistants that was well attended resulting in a transformation in workplace offices in Guyana.

Rhikkie Alexander

Rhikkie Alexander, Senator of St. Lucia is using his TOW to build a Government Certificate Program for young men who desire to serve government in a transformational manner.

Stephen Mendoza

Pastor Stephen Mendoza utilizes his TOW in his marriage counseling ministry helping couples throughout Trinidad & Tobago view work and purpose more broadly.  

Florine Dalgety

Ms. Florine Dalgety, Guyana’s leading Scientist is utilizing her TOW at the primary school levels where she is integrating its principles into multiple subject areas. 

Marva Williams

Dr. Marva Williams is utilizing her TOW as Head of her congregation as well as throughout Guyana as a renowned Senior Counselor for over 42 years.

Grace Silvera

Dr. Grace Silvera is taking TOW to heights in her Executive role in the region’s leading telecommunication company in Jamaica. She is adding much value globally from this role in the areas of diversity and culture.

Thank you our dear MSF Team for making this all so possible. God bless.