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JAW (Joy at Work) Certificate Teleperformance - Guyana Syllabus
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This is the syllabus for JAW (Joy at Work) Certificate Teleperformance-Guyana program.

JAW (Joy at Work) Certificate - Teleperformance-Guyana is an 8-week (4 module training) online program seeks to give each participant the requisite information and skills to understand who they are, their role in the workplace and their responsibility to each other.

If after reviewing the JAW Syllabus, you would like to visit our JAW classroom, please contact Ms. Carolann Somers at carolann.somers@kaieteurfallsu.edu.gy or carolann.somers@bgu.edu.

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Kaieteur Falls University
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Kaieteur Falls University is an undergraduate university with the mission and values of Theology of Work through Joy at Work.  It is based in Guyana, offering Certificates, Bachelor and Masters Degree  in Transformational Leadership, Technology, Language & Culture, and Education.

"KFU is a Joy-at-Work environment that embraces the pillars of love, respect and support. Through the daily application of these pillars, our team members look forward to returning to work the next day, feel they are leaving one family to come to another and experience a sense of ownership and belonging through daily decision making. "