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From Broken CEO to LIving Sent MInistries

From Broken CEO to Living Sent Ministries

Foreword by Dr. Lowell Bakke

Nestled in the middle of the southern “Bible Belt” of the United States you will find the robust city of Nashville, Tennessee with more than 1,800,000 people in its metropolitan area.   It’s a city known as Music City USA, filled with dreams of stardom, culture, commerce, truism and faith.  In the middle of that context is Jerry and Romona Moll, a couple with God a “God-sized Vision.” Their dream is not for fame and wealth, but with the hope of transforming the cities of Middle Tennessee and beyond by “sending” believers into the marketplace one person at a time with the capability of “Connecting Sunday to Monday… to transform lives, businesses and cities for God’s glory. “ They know that dream will only be achieved, by “divine intervention,” which they both are counting on.  BUT that’s not always been their dream and few would ever anticipate that “divine intervention” was possible with what they experienced in their earlier years. This article is just a modern day version of the book of Jonah, sharing the mysterious work of God in specific people so that an entire region of the world can receive the blessing of God.

 I met Jerry when he inquired about the Theology of Work Grant program around 2010.  We have developed that friendship as years later he became a Doctor of Transformational Leadership Student at BGU where we have studied together.  I have asked him to give us a glimpse into his and Ramona’s life and Living Sent Ministries, the organization which allows them to serve the cities of middle Tennessee through marketplace transformation.  This is also a story of the impact of one remarkable pastoral team and the impact a Sunday school class can have by launching the dream of one of their class members.  This story reminds me of two very significant biblical stories you will recognize with these short texts: “In my weakness, his strength was made perfect” and “what others meant for evil, God meant for good”.

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Out of Nazareth - Drs. Randy White & H. Spees

If it takes a village to raise a child, it certainly takes a dedicated community to catalyze transformation in the name of Christ in a city. Our hope is that this glimpse at the work of a few of those on this catalytic team, and the insights that have been hard won by them, might be of encouragement and some practical help to you and your team, as you seek the peace of your city. We certainly agree on a set of values, and a theory of change certainly plays a part. But these insights and stories emerge from practitioners. While we don’t offer this as a model, we do offer it as one example of a journey of transformation, one that is in fact fruitful, and one that we are joyfully on together.

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Read Rev. Jerry Moll's paper "Why Living Sent Matters" to understand how studying the city of Fresno California helped Living Sent Ministries sees city transformation as an achievable outcome of their marketplace ministry.


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