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Live in a way that honors the Lord: TOW in Eurasia

“Get ready for your next assignment”, was a phrase I kept hearing from my father.  It was still a time when Soviet Russia was building an atheistic kingdom in my homeland and several generations were living without any hope for change. It was the same with the Church. Even, as in Acts 12, the Church was fervently praying…but it was hard to believe. I could not understand what kind of assignment might be next for me. But my father was encouraging me to continue studying English, working at the factory, and faithfully serving at the church. That was my world and then at the age of 20, I got married and family was added to that list. Raising four kids was an assignment!

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God's Pleasure at Work: An Introduction to Dr. George Washington Carver - provided by Dr. Christian Overman

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Curing Sunday Spectatoritis: From Passivity to Participation in Church by Dr. Larry Peabody

Curing Sunday Spectatoritis

TOW defines the  Church in terms of the Gathered Church (on Sunday or whenever the church meets) and the Scattered Church (sent out to work in all sectors of society the rest of the week).  However, when the church gathers on Sunday seldom is there any learning from or active participation by or informative reporting about what God has done through the scattered during the week. Read more...
This book is available to purchase from Amazon.com in paperback and kindle versions.